“Michael’s strength is his ability to quickly establish himself as a leader and decision-maker within an organization. His diplomacy and communication skills further enhance his ability to foster cooperation among a large group and contribute to his quick and successful assimilation of a project’s deliverables and dependencies.”


About Michael J. Bettigole

Michael is an innovative leader, author and project management expert with twenty years of experience leading large scale technology initiatives for some of the world’s leading financial institutions.

Michael is passionate about leadership and drives a philosophy that empowers teams, improves effectiveness and delivers repeatable success. His leadership capabilities and philosophy are highlighted in his published book, “A Pocket Guide For Project Managers”.

Michael’s leadership expertise, collaboration know-how and creative thinking is what he is known for. He brings a unique and innovative approach to large scale technology initiatives especially at financial institutions.

Michael is currently the Global Head of the Infrastructure Program Office at one of the world’s premiere Hedge Funds, where he is responsible for growing the capabilities and competencies within the technology sector and developing an Infrastructure Program Office.

Prior to his appointment at the Hedge Fund, Michael was the Global Head of Service Delivery for Citigroup’s Institutional Clients group, where he was responsible for leading a large, global team and remained accountable for the delivery of all technology products and services to the various business lines, including the management and maintenance of a $170MM infrastructure budget. His accomplishments include the successful execution of the Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Joint Venture – the largest in Wall Street history — and a major data center relocation from Silver Spring Maryland to Dallas Texas.

Michael commands strong organizational, communication and team building skills that help develop creative solutions under pressure while maintaining productive relationships. He implements best practices to bring out the finest in team dynamics and maintains a leadership position in each endeavor.

Michael’s career history includes senior management roles at JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley.

Michael received a B.S. in Business Management from St. Peter’s College. He lives in New York City with his wife and two children.


Independent Distributor at Jeunesse Global

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Michael Bettigole during my years at Citi. Michael was assigned to build a team responsible for the Joint venture between the Smith Barney and Morgan Stanley brokerage firms, to create Morgan Stanley Smith Barney (MSSB) the largest wealth management business in the world currently known as Morgan Stanley Wealth Management. The project lasted 3 years and was a huge success mainly due to Michael’s guidance, dedication and persistence to ensure all angles of the merger were well represented. Michael took the leadership from the beginning with limited resources and worked extremely hard to learn Citi’s bureaucracies, as he met with the various team within IT to educate them and persuade them of the importance of this project. I can honestly say that Michael is a great role model, his leadership and influence skills are unique. Michael’s Program manager’s expertise are amazing and most of all his personal integrity and discipline to stay on course are impeccable. I cannot say enough about Michael’s approach to get the job done. He is the complete package and any company will be lucky to have him as one of their directors. Michael is also a devoted family man and understand the intricacies of work and family responsibilities, it is incredible how he can juggle and distinguish the two without compromising one of or the other. I will encourage you to read his latest publication “A Pocket Guide for Project Managers”, it is a reference guide for anyone who is involved in Project Management.

Senior Vice President / Global Service Delivery Manager at Citigroup & Adjunct Professor for Saint John’s University & the New York Institute of Finance.

When Michael took over as the global head of Service Delivery for the Institutional Clients Group he developed a vision to assist business partners with the growth of their charter by delivering innovative technology solutions, operational stability, financial transparency and risk management. Michael recognized each business had its unique customers & business objectives as well as their unique technology drivers, but that all business lines shared common goals. Michael’s approach was to create a functional structure that was designed to address the infrastructure needs of the specific business lines and Citi’s demand to leverage economies of scale across the firm. Michael remained accountable for the delivery of infrastructure services while he promoted best practices and innovative solutions. Michael is a leader who takes ownership. His cross functional expertise in technology, finance and business make him well positioned to grow and lead teams and promote empowerment.

Vice President at Moody’s Corporation

Michael is a consummate professional. Michael brought structure to several programs at JPMorgan Chase including the Trading Floor migration effort in Chicago as well as the Desktop standardization effort for the Investment Bank. I enjoyed working with Mike, as he always kept the most complex projects on track.

CTO / CIO / Managing Director

Michael was in my direct employment from September 2001 until April 2003 working to complete the rollout of Active Directory and Windows 2000 Server upgrade to the complete global organization of Deutsche Bank. During this time, after his professional and successful progress on these projects, he was utilized on several other project such as server consolidation and lifecycle projects.
Mr. Bettigole’s work initial on the project was demanding due to the diverse nature of the bank and the individual, sometimes completely segregated nature of the bank. Part of his role was to bring these different departments together to ensure a complete and uniform deployment across the bank. Michael’s excellent communication and management skills were pivotal to this task, making sure issues were not repeated across different geographies and different teams were properly educated.
In the frantic days after the tragedy of September 11th in New York Michael kept his focus and assisted in the rebuilding efforts for the bank as well as keeping his current projects on track. Working with the different teams on this approach the team under his guidance was able to use the rebuilding efforts to accelerate deployment, saving both expense and valuable time. Situations like this come along and test our reactions under extreme pressures. This included fiscal, professional and emotional demands and Michael not only performed well but excelled and delivered to exceed everyone’s expectations.
In the 18 months that Michael worked for me he showed that he was professional, resourceful and above all can be depended above to deliver on any task in any circumstance. He will be and is an asset to any organization that he is a part of.

Global Legal Organization, Finance Manager

I can honestly say that during my 8+ years of professional IT consulting experience, I have not encountered a harder working than Michael --- however, his work ethic is not his best professional quality. Michael Bettigole is a true leader. His business, management and motivational skills can be used as a barometer to measure others. As an employee, I can personally attest to his leadership abilities.

Michael possesses a level of professional integrity that is unrivaled. In all my direct experiences, he has treated customers, clients, employers and employees with the utmost level of equity.
Michael has been an invaluable mentor in my professional development --- always making time to talk to me in spite of his hectic schedule. I would highly recommend Michael for any leadership role, not just in the IT industry.

Project & Portfolio Manager at Credit Suisse

Michael is the most sound-minded, detail-oriented technology professional I have had the privilege to work with. His program and project management skills, his ability to communicate at all levels and his grasp of technology make him an incredibly invaluable resource. I would highly recommend Michael for any role he seeks or is offered him.